• My candle came broken! How do I replace it?

From time to time this will happen unfortunately, no matter how great we think we secure our packages, but rest assure we'll fix that! simply email us with a picture of your damaged candle at hello@whiteislandstudioco.com and we'll get a replacement out to you.


  • I started burning my candle but do not like the scent, can I return it for something else?

Unfortunately not. Once you have burned the candle we cannot accept a return.


  • How soon do you ship?

Our current processing time is 1-3 business days (this is the time it takes for us to pull your order from the system by date, pick it from our shelves, package it nicely & make it ready for the mail man). 

SHIPPING TIME is currently 1-3 days (this is the time it takes from the time the mailman pickup your package to the time it gets to your address).